mindline energy is the only institute anywhere in the country to specialise in market research and research consulting in the energy supply sector.

mindline energy has had extensive experience in the conduct of market research projects - from the preparation of the concept to the execution and the final analysis - in the energy sector and beyond.

Municipal utility companies can access the bundled know-how related to municipal utility companies in the area "Das Stadtwerke-Institut". mindline energy offers a "tool kit" containing six different municipal utility company tools (EnergieRadar, MitarbeiterRadar, WechslerRadar, WerbeRadar, InternetRadar and KundenBeirat) related to typical sales questions from municipal utility companies.

But mindline energy's activities are not limited to this sector; the institute is active on behalf of well-known companies from a broad range of product sectors, e.g. the automotive, media and real estate sectors.